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The Algal Crisis: Finding Curious Solutions Through STEM Education

  • 2016
  • Education
Paige Brown, a 17 year old Bangor High School student, has been studying the pollution in Bangor streams and developing solutions to the issues she found for the past two years. Last June she was awarded Maine’s 2015 Stockholm Junior Water Prize - recognizing valuable work on water-related science projects - for the first phase of her research. This year she was named one of the 40 top student scientists in the country by Intel's Science Talent Search, and was awarded first place in Global Good and $150,000 for her work on developing cost effective solutions to the pollution she found affecting the streams. Earlier this year, Brown and 100 other students from Maine attended the second Stormwater Management and Research Team training seminar at the University of Maine, where she was the keynote speaker. Brown wants to study chemical engineering, and is currently deciding between Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.