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TEDxDirigo: RISE State Theatre, Portland, Maine

The 50 Year Photo: My Responsibility to History

  • 2017
  • Adventure / Exploration

Samantha Appleton is a photographer concentrating on historical trends. Her work strives to show that quiet, subtle moments make up the complicated components of large news stories. The bulk of her career has covered many of the most tumultuous, man-made events of the past decade. Primary stories have included conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, social issues in Africa, and immigration in the US. She has won numerous awards including Pictures of the Year, World Press Master Class, American Photography and Camera Arts. She was most recently an Official White House Photographer for the Obama administration during the first term.  In addition to her photography, she is currently writing a non-fiction book project about Iraq.

If you want to hear Samantha Appleton live on November 4 at the State Theatre register here.