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Making the Connection: Honeybees, Food, and You

  • 2011
  • Community

What did bees do before beekeepers? Looking for a logical answer to what seemed a simple question, Christy Hemenway launched an investigation of her own into what, or more likely who, might be behind the growing problems with honeybees. She came to the conclusion that with bees, “less” may actually be “more”, as in: less human interference means more health for the honeybee.

In 2007, Christy founded Gold Star Honeybees to advance a beekeeping system known as the “top bar” hive – the original movable-comb, managed beehive. The most important feature of a top bar hive is that it lets bees make their own beeswax honeycomb in a natural, chemical free way.

Working to build the top bar beekeeping community, Christy Hemenway offers classes and workshops nationally. She particularly enjoys traveling to teach Top Bar Beekeeping 101 – a Weekend Intensive class where students not only learn the how-to’s of stewarding their bees, but also come to understand the connection between bees, our food system, and our own well being. The importance of bees to human health, the health of the planet and to all of nature becomes quite clear!

Christy encourages people to think outside the box and reminds us, in the words of John Muir, that “when one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.”