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TEDxDirigo: RISE State Theatre, Portland, Maine


  • 2010
  • Arts & Culture

I regularly shoot feature length assignments around the world for National Geographic Magazine. My job is to work with every kind of person under any kind of condition and create timeless images for a client with the highest visual standards on earth.

Simply put, I tell authentic stories that engage people and inspire them to dream…

This experience informs my commercial work which revolves around bringing brands to life in ways people recognize as authentic and real. I want people to look at the images I create for companies and feel inspired, not sold to. In this sense, my commercial work is very personal and I seek collaborations with like minded clients who want to create work that is perceived as genuine.

More recently I have become passionate about shooting motion and co-founded MERGE, a boutique production company that combines timeless imagery and a fearless embrace of technology to create visual content for the web, broadcast, print and beyond.

At home, I live with my family in a 200 year old farmhouse with a big post beam barn on 2 beautiful acres just outside of Portland, Maine, a place that has always triggered a instinctual sense belonging in me. My family, my home, and Maine ground me and fuel the boundless sense of possibility and hope I bring to my work.

I continually marvel at how endless the opportunities are. Now is the time to start exploring them. Learn more at www.davidmclain.com and www.mergegroup.com