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TEDxDirigo: RISE State Theatre, Portland, Maine

In Water, We Trust

  • 2017
  • Activism
Nickie Sekera is the assistant director of SOLO, the founding school of wilderness medicine in the United States. She came to that position after working in remote medical clinics and minority-lead education projects within the conflict zones of Eastern Burma.  Her work in that region lead to serving on the Board of Directors of the US Campaign for Burma where after 8 years, she felt increasing pressure to use her experiences and act locally. Inspired by her young son Luke's inquiry process about global inequities, Nickie felt motivated to focus on water privatization issues from her home in rural Maine. She was the cofounder of the Community Water Justice network and elected as a Trustee to the Fryeburg Water District. She has been a mentor and adviser to several youth and leadership projects and works closely with her son on leadership skills to meet the demands of the next generation. Luke is an emerging leader who is preparing to take on the challenges of his generation. While working alongside his mother, he found his voice at a young age when he was the youngest person on record to testify in front of the Maine Public Utility Commission. His brief testimony against a US precedent-setting contract for his community's groundwater led to his ability to collect over 170,000 petition signatures that he delivered to the governor's office; he quickly learned about the hurdles to our democratic process in protecting our water commons. Luke recently entered his first year at Fryeburg Academy and in his free time he can be found exploring mountains, studying history, playing his guitar, running cross-country or speaking in public on water rights issues. If you want to hear Nickie + Luke Sekera live on November 4 at the State Theatre register here.