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How to love even when you want to kill

  • 2012
  • Behavior

Bill is a thirty-year coaching veteran and Director of The Boothby Institute. He has been a coach, consultant and trainer to CEOs and the executive teams of health care delivery organizations, businesses, school systems and non-profit organizations. He is a key partner in the New Horizons Academy.

Bill’s work focuses on creating inspired environments where individuals take responsibility for their lives and the organizations for which they work. He is known for his ability to work and be with people in such a way that they are honored, acknowledged and valued as human beings. He attempts to ask the most important questions no matter how difficult they may seem.

Bill helped found a Ford Foundation Project, which became a pilot for Upward Bound. He spent thirteen years as an adjunct member of the faculty in the College of Education at the University of Maine, helping found the University’s Aspirations Four School Project. He was elected twice to the Maine School Union #47 Board of Directors and served as its Chair for three years. He is the creator of “Motivation, What Works,” “Power Within” and “What One Person Can Do,” “Inspired Teaching” and “Inspired Leadership” courses. These programs have been delivered in hundreds of school systems, Job Corps programs, non-profit organizations, corporations, and the Maine State Prison System as part of the New Horizons Academy. Bill was also a founding trustee of the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.