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TEDxDirigo: RISE State Theatre, Portland, Maine

Facing Our Fears Can Change the World

  • 2016
  • Activism
Dr. Wayne M. Maines is first and foremost the proud father of identical twins, one boy and one girl. Wayne and his amazing wife Kelly have worked extremely hard to raise their children in an environment that was not ready for a new generation of transgender children. Wayne is an Air Force veteran, an outdoorsman and basket maker. He has a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and Doctor of Education degree from West Virginia University. Wayne has been teaching Emergency Management, Safety and Leadership throughout the United States for many years to help protect people and their communities. Now he has turned his attention to using those same skills to introduce the world to transgender children and transgender rights. Wayne is on a mission that provides a safe environment for transgender children to grow, to learn, to be safe and to become productive members of our society.