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At a Glimpse: Sounds and Images from a Year on Our Planet

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In April of 2009, Emilia released her awaited forthcoming CD, played a coveted opening slot for Ani DiFranco and in the peak of a booming music career left almost everything (work, house, home, and beloved dog) to embark on a year-long global journey of service and learning that would focus her interests in emergent and ancient trends in regenerative culture, and reconnect her to her craft. Over eleven months, she and an intergenerational team of seven visited places and communities in the world that are exploring, experimenting with, and modeling the best practices of ecologically compatible technologies and societal models that combine the extraordinary gifts of contemporary innovation with the wisdom of and practice of ancient minds and old world communities.

Throughout this time, music became the shared language that allowed Emilia to connect and collaborate with people of all cultures, illuminating its power to connect and move individuals and masses. Emilia traveled to the favelas of Sao Paolo where she was most inspired by the use of music as a catalyst for social change. There, she began a collaboration project that has inspired her to experiment with music as a tool for connection within her own community, fostering cross-cultural exchange though a common medium.

A sometimes quirky, always eloquent songwriter, Emilia’s experience and knack for tapping into the human condition through songs crafted from mesmerizing stories have proven to capture audiences of all ages. Blending dynamic jazz vocals and rootsy guitar work, with an element of stealth, she’s able to deliver light on pressing social and environmental conditions with subtlety and creativity.