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TEDxDirigo: RISE State Theatre, Portland, Maine

Tim Clorius Tim Clorius is an oil painter and “aerosol artist.”

  • 2014

Tim Clorius is an oil painter and “aerosol artist.” Under the name “Subone” he was the first artist in Maine to pursue a professional career as a spray painter, labeling himself an “Aerosol Artist” to emphasize his interest in spray painting legal, fine art oriented works ranging from abstraction to realism, yet remaining resolutely what he calls: “graffitiesque”. Having found his love for art in the graffiti movement of the early nineties in Germany, he immigrated to the United States in 1998 where he became a fine art oil painter. his interest in exploring the potentials, as well as the boundaries, that exist in regards to the visual and social hybridization of traditional forms of painting with contemporary approaches to it, such as aerosol art, has been a major theme in his public works and in his studio practice.

In 2002 Tim founded S.U.B.O.N.E Workshops, which stands for: Supplying Urban Beautification Offering New Experiences and began to work with students. Teaming up with fellow artist and friend Andrew Coffin, the workshops focused primarily on the advocacy of the potentials, that aerosol art possesses as an educational tool and projects with youth and students throughout the state were realized. With the growing acceptance of graffiti and street art, Tim and Andrew keep adjusting their approach in creating aerosol involving art projects, often times including participants of all ages or cultural back rounds, in an attempt to enhance, connect and revitalize communities socially and economically, inspire positive action and foster civic engagement.