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TEDxDirigo: RISE State Theatre, Portland, Maine

Elise Pepple Storyteller, Portland Brick

  • 2015

Elise Pepple believes in the power of Storytelling to shape and animate who we are, where we live, and how we relate. She probably gets this from her mother. Elise has spent the last decade learning the contemporary branches of oral storytelling apparent to her: oral history, radio, live storytelling, social work, and public art. In 2009, she helped facilitate StoryCorps in rural Alaska where she used to live. In 2012, she hosted a radio show on KCAW, a community public radio station in Sitka, Alaska. She moved to Portland in 2013 to attend the Salt Institute. That year she received a grant to coproduce The Other AK: an experiment in narrative tourism. In 2014, she began collaborating with Ayumi Horie on Portland Brick, a project that marries storytelling with public art. She was selected as a 2014 Creative Community Fellow with National Art Strategies for her work using creativity to build community. In her spare time, Elise hosts a live storytelling series called Hear Tell, which is like if The Moth had a way amateur cousin who curses too much.

Elise is pursuing her masters degree in social work, exploring how narrative therapy can be applied on the micro and macro scale.