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TEDxDirigo: RISE State Theatre, Portland, Maine

Please use this form to suggest a speaker or performer for a future TEDxDirigo conference.

We look for people who deserve a bigger audience—the outliers and the relatively unknown. We also look for people who are well established in their field, but maybe have a new take on a familiar idea that’s especially timely. We look for speakers and ideas that have a significant connection to Maine, but we don’t want to become overly insular, so we consider a few speakers from outside the state, too.

Really, though, what we look for is that visceral reaction that gets you in the gut and leaves you saying, “Wow. That’s an incredible idea.”

SPECIAL NOTE: This year we have the chance to try an experimental TEDx talk that deviates from the usual format of one speaker on stage, with no notes, and no podium. Feel free to pitch a different type of TEDx talk as long as it’s not about selling or asking for funding for your product or service. It still must be about an idea worth spreading!

  • Part 1: About you (the nominator)

  • Part 2: About the nominee

  • Websites, articles, online video or audio featuring the proposed speaker.