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John Marshall Volunteer your way around the world

  • 2012

John Marshall is the Chief Creative Officer at WPXT-TV and WPME-TV in Westbrook where he writes, produces, directs and hosts a variety of local television shows. Though he loves his job, John recently took six months off to fulfill a live-long dream of traveling around the world with his family. Inspired by the concept of Voluntourism (a growing trend where travelers add service opportunities to their vacations), John, his wife and their two teenaged children volunteered their way from country to country, working with a variety of amazing local people and organizations as they went. And doing it for less than the cost of six months of living in Maine! In John’s words, “We may not have changed the world. But the world definitely changed us.”

John is a 7-time Emmy award-winning television producer in such diverse categories as short form writing, set design and musical composition. He was voted Maine’s Broadcaster of the Year in 2008 and is currently working on a book and a TV series about volunteering and world travel. He lives in Gorham, Maine.