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TEDxDirigo: RISE State Theatre, Portland, Maine

Graham Morehead Save the urchin fishery with this one weird trick!

  • 2013

Graham Morehead is interested in language and thought. An improbable series of events led him to study computer science and the green sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis. Studying under James Wilson, an economist at the University of Maine, Graham was introduced to the field of complex adaptive systems, a new tool for understanding the ecology of sea urchins, human-natural coupled systems, economies, and perhaps even language and thought.

Graham studied physics in Boston and Madrid, worked for a number of tech startups in Boston, and then came to the University of Maine. Graham holds a patent for a desktop supercomputer. He loves to travel, loves the outdoors, and is an optimist who believes we have it in ourselves to solve all our problems. He is currently the head of IT at RH Foster and curator of The Pangeon.